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What We Offer.

private professional bartending 

From Virginia Beach to South Beach, our professional, world class bartenders are providing Executive level handcrafted cocktails and superior guest service for families and friends of all sizes. We are an elite handcrafted bartending team delivering exceptional cocktails and brilliant guest service, anywhere, anytime.

Our crew operates seamlessly arriving on time, setting up and serving you fresh fruit & herbs in a cup. When you go Executive you get a highly trained bartender, beautiful bar settings and amazing cocktails.

Ever wanted a fresh squeezed cocktail?

NOW YOU CAN GET fresh squeezed cocktails ANYWHERE!



Private Professional staffing

The team you can trust in the comfort of your own home...

We want you to enjoy the party or event that you're hosting. Relax and let us take care of everything! Our bar staff will keep the refreshments flowing!  The Executive Beverage team can create custom themed drink menus for your event, or we'll follow your lead!

Worried about cleaning? Set-up and cleanup is a breeze! Our professional crew will set-up, maintain and clean the event space after it's all said and done! Executive Beverage leaves it better than we found it!

Need extra hands or just don't have time to clean?


We're here to help. 

PRIVATE EVENTS, restaurant & Bar beverage consulting

If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, then we're at your service! We go above and beyond to bring a fresh handcrafted beverage program mixed with our Executive Service to any private space, public space, or restaurant.  We create brilliantly themed beverage offerings entirely custom and aligned with your brand and current offerings. Bar program evaluations, bartender bootcamps, cocktail design and execution, loss prevention, marketing strategy & bar design are just some of the services we offer to boost your bottom line, and most importantly boost your guests experience.

Why go Executive?

We Add Value,Create Consistency & save you money.


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